Table News, 7 Jan 16

Another year has passed. Within that year, I did not GM at all—that’s not so unusual, though I’d rather it were otherwise. I need more practice, more repetition, if I am ever to become comfortable behind the screen.

That said, I did do a lot of prep-work that I expect to pay off in 2016. Terra Nova is nearing a playable, possibly sustainable state, and I expect it to see production this year, though I couldn’t say how soon. The Inception kickoff is still in the works, but I haven’t looked at it in a while; this one will likely come up sooner than Terra Nova, but again, I am unsure of when that would be. On the side, I have that potential guest-GM one-shot for Traveller in mind, which I still expect to occur—sooner than the rest—and I have been picking at the Forgotten Greylance setting a little here and there (which could end up in GURPS instead, or remain as D&D). There aren’t any other GMing projects I am actively pursuing right now, but it’s early yet.

I’m eager to get back to it, and maybe more confident than not. Just waiting for the wheel to turn my way once again.

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