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Wes’ internal monologue Day 1

Man, first day out of the hole and things have definitely gotten a little weird in the “real world”

We had gone weeks without hearing from anyone and then everything started shaking…heard something “clang” in the LOB and come to find out that the previously welded escape hatch broke open. When getting ready to climb out, we realized that the intern was out cold…well, looks like we get to carry him.

We crawled out of the “game zone” only to find no one around, so we head off toward the production base camp to get some answers…and answers we got…and more questions

as we approached the base camp we noticed everyone was walking around outside and looked like everyone was a part of some zombie production…our “celebrity” decided to go try to find the director…and apparently came face to face with better actors…and it scared him so bad he screamed like a little girl and came running back toward us like he’d seen one of us holding an Oscar or something.

He probably would’ve kept running right past us had Korbin not tackled him. Once they had recovered Korbin, Ann and Nick decided they wanted to go “investigate” what had spooked the actor only to watch Korbin drop like a brick in the wind and the other two having to carry him back

Realizing something wasn’t right we started for a tree line to try and find somewhere to hold up until we can get a truck, and maybe a little understanding of what exactly is going on

A couple of wrong turns led us to the old Church …and more of those…things… so Korbin and I decided to sneak around back to see if there’s a way in from the back

It did indeed have a backdoor…and a “visitor” as well

Grabbing some good sized sticks along the way, we were going to “explain” to the visitor that they didn’t like solicitors…and that’s when we heard the voice from inside the church

Korbin got the first swing in….I got a glancing blow in…and as “he” turned toward us, I realized with frightening sincerity that these “people” we no longer who they used to be…as apparent by the thing’s attempt to bite Korbin

several good hits finally brought it to the ground…and had it not been for the need to get inside, I’d have stomped the thing into nothingness…and if I get the chance, you better believe I’ll stomp a mud hole in each one of them, and walk it dry…

When we got inside, we seen that our “host” was actually the set Nurse from the show…we all looked at him and asked …what the hell is going on?

Day 1 continued –

So…after finding out that some …tragedy… happened in Lawrence and that it’s what’s causing all these people to …change… into what they are now…

The nurse tells us that Kesler is dead…apparently this had some effect on Ann, because she passed out and hit the floor…

So Korbin decides he wants to go climb the water tower to get the lay of the land and attempt to locate transportation of some kind…he can go right ahead and do that…I’m keeping my feet on the ground

So while Korbin and Nic run off to find a car…John and I moved Kesler to the basement and loaded Ann on the makeshift stretcher and waited to see if they were successful

After a little while, I noticed Nic trying to sneak up to the house…and Korbin was apparently with him because they were both at the door when we opened it, really need to work with Nic on his sneaking abilities

After finding out they located a potential vehicle (had to find an older one since all the computers in the newer ones were fried) we loaded up on what supplies were available grabbed Ann, and headed out

It was a little bit of a trek to get to the truck, and had to avoid a few z-people, but finally got to it and after looking it over (with help from Korbin) we found the keys…guess I was a little too worried about Ann since she was laying in the bed while we looking for the keys

I’m glad we looked for the keys instead of hot wiring the truck, not that it would be that difficult to do since it was an old F100, just makes it easier if we have to turn it off and then back on

After scrounging through the house where the truck was found, we left town and decided to head west, away from Lawrence (just to be safe)

The truck had a little over ¾ tank of gas, so figured it would at least get us to the next town…and sure enough it did, after a little bit of a drive… we made it to Council Grove

Staying on the main road we discovered a few stores that could help us on our escape…namely, a NAPA store

….Time to get stocked up on some supplies.

What the Hell went wrong?!

Korbin and I head into the NAPA to get some extra parts and supplies for the truck…and apparently the “locals” decided to add some color to the day.

While we were looking through the store, for parts and tools to make sure the keep the truck running, when we heard something going on outside.

Looking outside we see Nic and John being walked out of the liquor store at gun point by a gang of Mexicans…just our luck.

So, Korbin and I search the store for a gun of our own, and once again he had more luck at it than I did.  He found a double barreled sawed off shotgun, and probably hasn’t had much use of one either.  So I took the shotgun and he grabbed a bag of tools and headed out to distract the gang.  He had some measure of success, half the group took off with him to look for another truck while the other three stayed with our group.

…and those…things…showed up again, and chaos ensued.

The wannabe’s opened fired on them, and did a wonderful job of redecorating the buildings and managed to take out one walker.  The one thing they managed to accomplish was running out of ammo, morons.  Korbin and Nic ran back into the liquor store for something, which was a good thing as both came out with a gun. The odds are slowly evening out.

At some point Ann and John ran into the store looking for things to use as weapons, I directed them towards the tire irons and crow bars while watching Korbin dispatch one walkers head followed shortly by Nic doing the same.

With the wannabe’s distracted I left the store intent to either disarm the gang or take out the last walker…and as the “thugs” ran like little wussies, I walked up to the last walker and turned his head into a canoe.

Now that the menacing threats had left, back to getting parts and supplies.

Got most of what I needed, now…apparently there’s another truck that might be in good working order. Korbin and I headed off the check on it while the rest of the group survey’s the rest of the supplies.

Found a Lincoln Navigator, and of course, it’s not working. At least it has half a tank of gas, siphoned it and time to see what other supplies this town has at our disposal…

Well, what do we have here…?

Utilizing the down time the storm provided, I took a few minutes to look the truck over to figure out it’s mechanical state…and to my surprise, it was very well taken care of.

Once the storm subsided and began to pass…we headed out.  Came across a hardware store and picked up some more supplies and continued to look for a method to communicate.

Found the sheriff’s office…and just kept on going, looks like it was someone’s last stand…God rest their souls…

It was decided to head back to the radio tower and see if it was operational.

Once we arrived…new plan, the two brainiacs would jump out of the truck and Korbin and I would drive off to use the noise of the truck to distract the zed’s while they got inside to check the station’s status.

Well, let the fun begin…a truck and some mud…let the fun begin.

After a while, Ann noticed the smart one’s seemed to have gotten them self in trouble, so off we go to help them.

Ok, so maybe we over reacted, but considering who we were coming to rescue, it wasn’t that much of an overreaction.

After things settled down, work began on getting the radio and generators operational again.

And then, something interesting happens….

So, while the others are trying to get the radio working, John and I head to the lot to the south to attempt to locate another working vehicle.  No luck looking for another car, however we were able to locate a trailer.

While discussing the trailer options with John, we noticed a small herd of zed’s walk by heading toward the rest of the group.  Luckily they noticed the incoming threat, grabbed everyone, and jumped in the truck to head out.

With the herd heading our way, time for a hitch and get, Nick backed the truck up and John and I got the trailer secured and ready to head out.

Amazingly enough, Nick pulled off some good driving and managed to miss the herd and not kill us all.  Needing more food, but decided to head out of town to get away from the “heat”.

While heading west bound in attempt to locate some form of civilization, Ann and I noticed something moving up ahead and decided to check it out.  While coming up on the subject of our attention, Ann noticed that the “person” seemed to be carrying a rifle or something similar.

While approaching the unknown subject, we put our fate in the hands of John.  Here’s to hoping the liberal can put his silver tongue to use.

As we approached, several others emerged from hiding, all being armed in some manner.  A discussion ensued…we discover they were a part of some kind of militia of a sort and were separated at some point. They were from Arkansas originally and apparently not too good with directions, this fact doesn’t exactly surprise me considering their point of origin.

So as the conversation continued, it became obvious that this group wasn’t being totally honest in what exactly happened.  We decided to extend the olive branch and see if they wanted a ride back to their militia, that seemed to have abandoned them at some point, but who are we to crush their dreams.

There were some concerns that the group might try to take advantage of our generosity, so we offered to take them where they wanted to go, but only if they ride out in the trailer.

After a lengthy trip, and a near miss when we came up to a bridge that was under construction, we made it to the town to drop off our new “friends”.

When we met up with their group, they seemed less than thrilled that we caught up with them…as they appeared to be in the process of packing up and moving out…

Should be interesting to see how this plays out….

John: Email #1

Subject: Follow-up


Day 3 of filming out here in Bumfuck, Kansas. Turns out you were right – the producer of this thing is a hack. He doesn’t know the first thing about lighting or even how to properly set up a dramatic scene. Yeah, this is ostensibly a “reality” show, but that’s a line of crap that even the rednecks who tune into this shit have to know.

You mentioned maybe having a line for a role in one of your upcoming movies. is that still a possibility? I spoke with Alan and he blew some smoke up my ass about being in discussions with Fox or WB. I’d lie to you and say that I’m not desperate but you know me better than that.

Say hi to Mandi for me.