Traveller Ship Design: M/V Bad Omen

Starjammer-Class Type F101 100dT Sloop

Pictured bearing the livery of Deep Space Deliveries, LLP (DSD), registered in Denotam/Vilis

In flight, departing downport

Amphibious landing

At the docks, ready to load cargo

Pilot’s station

Main deck: stateroom access, pilot’s station, weapons access, ship’s locker

Double stateroom, beds deployed

Single stateroom, bed stowed

Main deck: port airlock

Common area and galley

Conning tower

Hold (20dT)


Inside the runabout, looking down into engineering

In orbit, runabout docking

Deck plan-view


Evelyn rolled-out, commissioned for RLM (Rio Largo Mfg) for light shipping duties. Recorded 37 voyages with the corporation, under 5 captains.
Evelyn refitted with newer, more powerful maneuver drives.
RLM liquidates its smaller ships in favor of contracting out to larger, more-regular liner service. After 8yrs of faithful service, Evelyn put to market and sold to Cpt. Plumbley. Renamed Lady’s Grace.
Cpt. Plumbley expands his business to include two more ships, a move which he will come to regret as the business doesn’t exactly “take-off.”
Lady’s Grace severely damaged in a collision that resulted in a major internal fire. For the tax write-off, Cpt. Plumbley gives the ship to DSD to either repair or scrap. The ship is repaired, rebuilt and refitted, and christened Bad Omen

Miscellaneous Notes

  • For Traveller, I use the stats for a Suleiman II, with space from maneuver drives traded for a third stateroom—pretty close to the original specs of the non-Traveller version
  • The original design dates back to 2005 or so and was intended for a homebrew space-traders campaign, Steel Ships and Space Marines (S³M), inspired heavily by Firefly, but has been refitted now for Traveller in the Third Imperium
  • This is my third such Traveller ship modeling project for Sketchup, but certainly the most detailed and ambitious, and the first to use lighting rendering (provided by Twilight Render plugin)
  • The “green” interior was a bit of an accident. The textures I found were that color already, and I started making others match just to keep it unified, though I intended to change it later. But it kinda grew on me, and when I asked the players, they insisted I keep it.
  • Tail number, CGG-51305, refers to Core Group Gamers and the date of the first session this ship/crew were introduced, 13 May 2005 (thanks to Rigil Kent for the idea)


Sketchup Model (Last update: 31 Aug 2016)