Table News, 4 Nov 14

I’ve been pressing hard to complete my Inception mechanics to a sufficient degree since it was decided to turn it into a full-on campaign; I’m not quite finished, but good progress has been made—a couple of chunks that need attention before I consider it good enough to use. Research has meant watching the movie over and over—I’ve practically got it memorized now 😛 Once it’s finished (enough), I’ll be posting the mechanics on my website for availability to the public, though I expect I’ll continue to polish it over time. I decided to start preparing another Inception one-shot, specifically to playtest the mechanics; I don’t know when this will occur, but “this year” (what’s left of it) or near to it seems likely. The new one-shot is intended to use the actual campaign characters, and depending on the results it may be considered “canonical” to the actual campaign. A new consideration for this campaign is the addition of another player to the Olympus group, a total GURPS noob, taking us to 7+1—this has the potential to complicate matters, but we’ll see how the new guy settles in; as of this writing, he’s been a bit in-&-out of the game. I have also decided to do the session recaps on the Olympus blog, but keep the GM behind-the-scenes stuff here. Overall, I’m feeling pretty positive about it.

As I’m expecting the Inception game to see production first, before the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign, I haven’t done much work on the Temple campaign. Mostly it’s just organizing NPCs and converting monsters to GURPS—I could start without that if it came to it. I’m resisting the urge to switch to something else for the Core Group—too long “inactive” usually results in a non-starter; ultimately, it depends on the players, but I’d really like to take another stab at After the End.

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