Table News, 1 Jan 24

In 2023, I ran one campaign for Olympus on Saturdays, Sea Dogs, and nothing at all for the Core Group on Fridays. Given the conditions that led to the demise of Sea Dogs, discussed in my post-campaign review, it should be no great surprise that there’s been nothing much to report afterward. I did do a month-or-three stint with Rigil working on the Legends of Generica: Diversion I; we mostly-completed the first “chapter” and I’m still waiting for the write-up to happen. We’ll get back to that one later, I presume.

Now it’s 2024. I expect the aforementioned and lamented conditions to continue this year, but I am “compelled” to try to run something in spite of them, as always. This has led to me trying to come up with something “minimally complicated” that I might be able to pull off, even in the worst of circumstances. I processed several ideas, most of which were dropped for one reason or another. There was a “near-thing” with me potentially (co-)running a “megadungeon” on Fridays, but that fell apart due to some disagreement regarding the use of GURPS there—I won’t detail that, except to say that the idea is definitely dead-in-the-water now. But it looks like my latest idea will actually see the light of day, and relatively soon.

I’ll give it a proper introduction when the time comes, but here’s the “elevator pitch“: It’s a straight-up GURPS Action short-run campaign, modern, in the tradition of the 80s/90s action movies, taking place entirely on a cruise ship—essentially, Die Hard on an Cruise Ship. The idea is to “keep it simple,” with around six sessions of “cinematic” combat/action versus an “uncomplicated” antagonist. Some of the initial work on the PC team makeup has been done, but we have a Session Zero planned for this weekend, where we’ll hash out the remaining details. After that, I’ll have a week or three where we wrap up the current “active” campaign to prepare for this one. Unsurprisingly, there will be an option for “sequels,” and depending on how much actual effort it takes to make this happen, maybe those sequels can occur sooner than they usually do? Time will tell.

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