Table News, 3 Aug 22

The ever-changing sea…

The Knight City campaign wasn’t making as much headway as I had hoped. So I shifted over to Inception, for which I had more work already done, and really want to run someday. On the side, I asked around about what (Olympus/Sat.) players would rather I run, and a plurality of them suggested Sea Dogs—actually, it was more-or-less unanimous. My brain wasn’t really headed that direction, though—it’s been a long time since I’ve connected with that campaign. So I decided to start going through the Youtube recordings and adding the “chapters,” thereby watching/listening to the entire run (at 2× speed anyway), and see if that triggers a connection again. It’s taken a lot of time, for obvious reasons. I’m almost done, at this point, and at least, I’m certainly remembering all the things I enjoyed about that campaign. I’ll probably make the switchover official, soon. But I’m not sure if my current non-game workload will accommodate the tons of research required. I guess we’ll see.

As a side note: I’m also reviewing all the GM After-Action Reports here, and I’m amused by all the lessons I’ve learned during the course of the campaign, that I learned again “for the first time” in subsequent campaigns, without realizing it. 😛

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